What is car sharing?

Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together. It allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst alleviating the associated problems of congestions and pollution.

When can I car share?

You can share a car for any journey:-

  • Getting to work
  • Doing the weekly shop
  • Taking children to school
  • Going to the match at the weekend
  • Travelling to a festival, event or show
  • Getting to or from University/College
  • Visiting friends
  • Getting to the airport

Car sharing is increasing in popularity. You may be surprised at how many people in your area are making the same journey and therefore maybe a suitable match for you. A recent review showed there to be 18 people in your area already registered on

What are the benefits of car sharing?

  • Saves you money – travelling with others enables you to reduce your transport costs
  • Reduces the number of cars on the roads – resulting in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems
  • Reduces the need to own and run a car

Find out more at It is FREE to join.

All you need to register is:

  • Your details
  • Where you are travelling to
  • Whether you are offering or seeking a lift